The young drummer of Brazilian metal band explains us the secrets of his ink. Giving us also some fresh anticipation on the sequel to ‘Machine Messiah’…

Eloy Casagrande (twenty-seven years old last January in a band that exists ‘till 1984) is the third drummer ever playing on an official record of the legendary Sepultura.

His arrival in the group coincided with two albums estimated by many fans (not least the very solid ‘Machine Messiah‘ released in early 2017) and has given a consistency not indifferent as regards the famous Sepultura live performances.

Casagrande is a great lover of ink and tattoo art too, and in our interview (which will be released in full on a future issue of Tattoo Energy) he explained something more about his second passion in addition to drums and drumsticks.

A good boy with a heart of gold, mister Eloy. Indeed, two. One pumping blood and the other drawn in black-and-gray.

Sepultura, since their Eighties origins, have always been a band very faithful to tattoo art. Just look at the figures of the Cavalera brothers (Max and Igor), Andrea Kisser and actual frontman Derrick Green. Here, I wanted to know if you were influenced by their music but also by a certain “tattooed image” radiated by the group…
Let’s say that, since I was a kid, I absorbed Sepultura in all respects. I liked anything about them: the music, the distinct look and the ink on their skin, of course. The whole package, in short! (laughs) Without forgetting the enormous substance that, for me, has always been the hallmark of this unique Brazilian band.

Sepultura, Eloy Casagrande
Eloy Casagrande, Sepultura

You play with Kisser & co., esteem them all, but their famous spiked ‘S’ did not even get you tattooed …
No, I just live this band 24 hours a day for 7 days a week and I would say that it is already enough! (laughs) And then, as an idea, it would be a little obvious and cheesy, right?

By the way the sleeve of your right arm includes, among various symbolic references, also a beautiful, beating black-n-gray heart…
Yes, that tattoo was placed there because I liked this idea of ​​having a second metaphorical heart in one part of the body – the arm – with which I play the instrument that keeps me alive every time I record music or get on stage. And then we Brazilians are passionate in nature so a single heart isn’t enough!

Who took care of your right sleeve?
A very good São Paulo tattoo artist called Edu Nascimentto. He has always been a big Sepultura fan and one day he got in touch with me because he wanted to tattoo at least one member of his favourite band. Ours has been a great collaboration so far and take advantage of to send him a greeting.


What are your favourite artworks for Sepultura?
As for my presence in the group I have to tell you ‘Machine Messiah’ because it was drawn by a real artist, Camille Dela Rosa, on an occasion completely disconnected from the making of the album (the painting is actually titled ‘Deus Ex-Machina’ and dates back to 2010, Ed.). As for the Sepultura of the 90s, however, I am very fond of ‘Roots’ because that indio image is 100% pure Brazil.

Last question: when will the new Sepultura album come out?
Probably in 2019. This fall we’ll start doing a little pre-production and demos stuff for the new record and we’d like to work just like we did for ‘Machine Messiah’. Without any external influence by the record company and completely focused on music. You have to wait and see!

Sepultura, Machine Messiah CD
Sepultura, Machine Messiah CD

Photos: courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records