If you’re a tattoo artist and you devote yourself to this trade with honesty and passion, you’ll know full well that this profession requires sacrifice, precision, technical skill and a fair dose of humility, as well as loads of creativity and continual training.

But have you ever given a thought to the best way to tell your story? The best way to get your works known by tattoo lovers near and far?
Nowadays we are literally bombarded by millions of images: the number of tattoos we can find online is potentially infinite. Just try and do a search, any search, and you’ll find yourself buried under an avalanche of work, some old, some new, some worthy of your attention, some less so, so much stuff that it’s easy to get disoriented.

Is it still possible to stand out and get your voice heard?
We believe it is. After so many years, the strength of a publication like the Tattoo Yearbook is that it is a serious and effective tool designed for professional artists and created by a team of professionals who have been working in the field of tattoo and publishing for over 25 years. A select catalogue which enables tattoo lovers to discover the artists and tattoo studios of the Old Continent.

Are you professional tattoo artists or owner of a tattoo shop and do you want to reach the greatest number of tattoo lovers in your country?
The Yearbook is published in five editions:

UK & Ireland

Germany, Austria & Switzerland




Each volume brings together hundreds of images of tattoos and takes the reader on a virtual tour of the tattoo shops in each nation. The Yearbooks from Tattoo Life are high profile showcases through which professionals can present themselves and their work – in their home country, and in the rest of Europe. Readers see the Yearbook as a handy tool for discovering the tattoo shops in their own country and for getting new inspiration and ideas. The Yearbook is present on all newsstands in the respective countries and comes out twice a year: in June and January. It presents thousands of tattoos in all styles and is perfect for those looking for new ideas who want to understand what is trending right now.

The Tattoo Life Yearbook is the guide to tattoo in Europe: a finely crafted publication which is now also available in digital form.

If you want to find out more, take a look at the new digital channel dedicated to the Yearbooks: @tattoolifeyearbook

Have you every been one of the protagonists in the Tattoo Life Yearbook? Well what are you waiting for?