We talked with Dillon Forte about his career, his new eBook and a very special tattoo he made for the australian actor Chris Hemsworth (better known as Thor) in Morocco. Read this exclusive interview to discover more.

Hi Dillon, would you like to introduce yourself to our readers, talking a bit about how you started tattooing and how you chose your style?
I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland to be specific. I’ve been tattooing since I was 18, almost 13 years ago, so the entirety of my adult life. I grew up in a very artistic environment and got heavily inspired by ancient cosmology’s from around the world, Sacred Geometry in my opinion connects the most dots between civilizations and cultures and has an aesthetic quality perfectly suited for adaptation on the human form, as we are geometrical in nature.

Dillon Forte,The Super Secret Sri Yantra Tattoo Society, Oakland, USA
Dillon Forte,The Super Secret Sri Yantra Tattoo Society, Oakland, USA

Is your style still evolving? Where do you find your inspirations from?
My style has definitely been changing and evolving, hopefully being filled with more intention and deeper archetypal truths. I find my inspiration from nature and aim to draw parallels between our ancient past and where we might be going into our future.

Hopefully through this medium we can focus on our human similarities; the core essential geometric/symbolic relationships at the center of all earth’s peoples.

You recently tattooed the famous actor Chris Hemsworth, can you tell us more about it?
Yes! We’d been in contact for a little while about doing a few tattoos, I had drawn some different concepts but it hadn’t aligned in our schedules until we both happened to be in Morocco. Chris was out there filming for the new “Men in Black” film and I was there to get some inspiration along with some footage for a tattoo travel show I’m working on.

Was it the first time you two met?
Yes, after speaking we managed to find a date that worked, (at least to some degree) it ended up being pretty late at night so we we’re just going to go over some designs and figure out a good course of action, however I showed him a few dozen designs and we settled on something a little more spontaneous.

What is the subject of the tattoo?
The tattoo is a few ancient wisdom symbols hand drawn by his 6 year old daughter on the hotel notepad after being inspired by all the geometric designs. We went with a five and six pointed star along with an interpretation of a dharma wheel.

Dillon Forte,The Super Secret Sri Yantra Tattoo Society, Oakland, USA
Dillon Forte,The Super Secret Sri Yantra Tattoo Society, Oakland, USA

You were in Morocco, weren’t you? Why there?
It happened to align very much auspiciously. I decided at the last minute to make a trip to Morocco after the London tattoo convention. I wanted to see all the geometric patterning and tile work found in that rich culture of North West Africa. Since Chris was out there filming it just happened to work out.

Could you say something about the eBook you did for Tattoo Life?
Some of my designs based on psychedelic experience in the Mojave Desert can be found in my eBook: “Kaleidoscopic Visions”.

What are you working at and what are your plans for the future?
I’m currently opening a new Sri Yantra Tattoo in Los Angeles, CA a Private studio in Venice a few blocks from the ocean. I’m also working on a coffee table book and I have a long term vision of building the “Temple of Sacred Geometry” a physical space dedicated to the deeper awareness/understanding of these principles. I will be establishing a non-profit with the single focus of expanding that awareness on a global level.

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