She works among the clouds, wears Japanese pieces and introduces us a very long hot summer with her gorgeous body art…

Keep going on with our interviews dedicated to all the twelve gorgeous, tattooed alt-model that embellish the official 2018 Tattoo Life calendar. This month our eyes are fully focused on new entry Diana Ospina. Let’s know her in a better way.

Diana Ospina, photo by Alee Rose Stark
Diana Ospina, photo by Alee Rose Stark

Hi Diana, where do you live and what’s your proper job?
Currently, I live in Brooklyn (New York) but have a good amount of time outside of home. I’m a flight attendant for a US airline so I spend most times in hotels.

I “googled” Diana Ospina on Internet but all I have found is a female Colombian footballer. Were you aware of it?
I’m fully aware! She looks bad ass! I’ve never been that athletic… (giggles)

Tell me about your experience of posing for June month featured on Tattoo Life Official Calendar.
Shooting is always so much fun for me. I loved working with Christian Saint and when he told me Tattoo Life selected certain photos to be part of the calendar, I was literally stoked!

I haven’t been in a calendar yet! So It’s very cool to be ringing in the official summer months as June’s girl.

When did you discover tattoo art for the first time in your life and which has been your first tattoo ever?
I started getting tattooed at 16. It came with listening to alternative and rock music genres – that kind of opened up the tattoo world for me. My first tattoo was on my chest, and is now a cover up in progress. I told you that I learned my lesson! (laughs)

Who did your full left leg Japanese dragon tattoo? And why do you have a single five tips star on your right leg?
My ‘Tamatori Hime’ piece was done by Adam J. Machin who was working at Three Kings Tattoo in Brooklyn at the time. The pentagram was done at a rock and roll party in a New York night club. I call it my party pentagram. It’s a funny contrast to my beautiful leg sleeve.

Diana Ospina, photo by Christian Saint for the Tattoo Life Calendar 2018
Diana Ospina, photo by Christian Saint for the Tattoo Life Calendar 2018

Are you tattooed on the back?
My back is bare at the moment. I can’t make up my mind on what I want on it, but it would definitely be Japanese. You know, Japanese has so much amazing imagery and symbolism and it’s all very timeless.

Who are your favourite tattoo artists that you have met so far?
I love the just quoted Adam J. Machin and Gustavo Rizerio at Three Kings Tattoo in Brooklyn, New York. Luke Davis at Fort Loyal in Portland, Maine. Rose Hardy at King’s Avenue in New York. Regino Gonzalez AKA RG74 at Invisible NYC. These to name a few but I have a very long list!

Will you tattoo again in the future? Some ideas in progress for new pieces on you?
My next tattoo will be my back coming onto my left leg. I definitely want it to be classic traditional Japanese style. To tell the truth I’m just torn between a couple different subject matters…

Instagram: @xdianacarolina