Davide is a historic figure on the tattoo scene in Milan. He started working in the mid-90s, fell in love with Traditional, and has stayed true to it ever since.

He tattoos and executes his famous drawings at the legendary shop Italian Rooster and recently published a gorgeous sketchbook, a true homage to the best-loved subjects of this style. Let’s get to know him a little better in this interview.

Hi Davide, would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?
Hi there everybody, my name’s Davide Andreoli. I was born and reared in a really rough area in the suburbs of Milan.

When did you start tattooing and how did you develop your style?
I started tattooing in 1995. I fell in love right away with the iconography of Old School Traditional tattoo. Even though back there there was very little material available, my fascination with tattoos with a classic feel meant that as I grew in terms of my personal style, I still really wanted to keep the true ritual nature of tattoo alive: give more power to the indelible “moment” than the subject per se!

Have things changed over the years?
All that has changed over time is the research. The technical research to make sure the tattoo lasts as well as possible over time. Trying to get as close as I can to the old images of the past. If you ask me, most of the work goes on behind the scenes!

The perseverance that keeps you drawing and producing new material every day!

What are your favourite subjects?
My favourite subjects have links with the past. I am inspired by the flash of Ole Hansen, Christian Warlich, Burchett and lots of other great masters from days gone by.

Davide Andreoli, Italian Rooster, Rho, Italy
Davide Andreoli, Italian Rooster, Rho, Italy

Where did you get the idea for this eBook?
The eBook is the brainchild of Miki Vialetto. He is the mastermind behind this projects and I’m just happy to be on board.

What are your plans for the future?
I just take it one day at a time. My constant objective is to produce. Keep on drawing, painting and tattooing from the heart.

You can discover Davide’s sketchbook and many other digital eBooks in the Traditional style by visiting the website www.tattooebooks.com
Follow Davide Andreoli on Instagram: @italianrooster