David Jorquera is a chilean talented tattoo artist currently located in Krakow (Poland), known all over the world for his dark and fascinating style. We got in touch with him to ask some questions about his tattoos and to find out more about his new eBook, which includes sketches, paintings and drawings about one of the most iconic and beloved subjects in the tattoo art: the skull.

Hi David, would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?
I started tattooing at the age of 19, and getting started wasn’t so easy, I wanted lo learn but no one wanted to tell me anything about tattooing, so I decided to do it by myself. The only place to look for information was magazines, I was totally confused, but then, that’s not so uncommon I guess. At that age, drawing and painting was my world and tattooing was something totally new and full of mystery. Having this new technique in front of me I just tried to transfer all my knowledge of drawing to tattoo as well as my method of painting. So this way my style was continually changing in a really subtle way, with the focus always on drawing, experimenting with different shapes and contrast. It was a totally organic process.

David Jorquera, DarkTimes Tattoo, Krakow, Poland
David Jorquera, DarkTimes Tattoo, Krakow, Poland

Is it important for you to paint?
Totally. You can experiment so much in painting, you are 101% free on the canvas, but I also understand that not everyone is so into painting and drawing. It seems strange to me that someone who tattoos can be not so interested in other forms of art, but as long you are doing something creative it is ok too. Everyone has a different process. Mine is to surround myself with art.

What are your favorites subjects and techniques?
Pencil and paper are always going to be always my favourite medium, but I’m also using acrylics, oil, pen, and some digital too. As regards themes, I think nature is always my favourite subject, under the water: I’m fascinated with the amount of colours and life that is down there, textures, shapes and shades. Everywhere you look there’s something interesting to see. The underwater world is truly mindblowing.

David Jorquera, DarkTimes Tattoo, Krakow, Poland
David Jorquera, DarkTimes Tattoo, Krakow, Poland

Where did the idea of this ebook come from?
Well I’ve been drawing for years and years, I have a bunch of sketches that I wanted to show, and a few months ago I got the invitation from Miki Vialeto to do this e-format, I think it is a really interesting idea and always a good thing that we can share our ideas. So I’m super happy with the result.

In this “Sketchbook” (47 pages pdf) David Jorquera invites you to discover his dark and fascinating world through an amazing gallery of references. To all who love horror style, black and grey and dark atmospheres… Digital eBook available on tattooebooks.com

What plans have you got for the future?
I have a bunch. First of all, to get better at what I do. Then I really want to do a physical book, paint more and travel more. Also, in 2019 I want to focus on the studio too. I feel really inspired in Krakow.

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