Dannii Garbiras is a young and talented tattooer from Dallas, Texas. I got to meet him to get one of his flawless roses last year. His humbleness and passion for his job really affected me. It’s always nice to see new and young artists approaching to traditional tattoo art and history in the right way: his solid tattoos really speak for himself, but I wanted to know a little more about his path.

What first attracted you to the tattoo world?
I’ve always been attracted to tattoos since I was a little kid, I would always draw on myself! Then I got my first tattoo when I was 15 and that was it! I was sold!

When did you start your career as a tattoo artist?
I got a tattoo kit off the internet when I was about 15 or 16 and started tattooing in my bedroom, that didn’t last long since the people I was tattooing kept trying to break in my house to steal my $10 machines and rest of the shitty equipment I had! So I stop doing that for a while until I started hanging out at tattoo shops a year later or so in Houston, Texas! I might or might not have lied about my age and got to start earlier. My memory is kinda blurry but if I’m not wrong it was about 5 years ago!

What do you love the most about traditional tattoos?
One of my favorite things about traditional tattoos is the history behind it! I don’t want to sound like I know a lot because I’m still so new and I’m learning so much new stuff. The more I mature, the more I enjoy learning where everything comes from!

Who or what influences you?
So many different things inspire me on the daily! The people I have around me are a huge part! That’s why traveling has been so important not just in my tattooing career but also on my personal side! It has alllowed me to grow and learn stuff I could have never found in a classroom! Apart from that, I’m really influenced by nature and old books, postcards imagery, antiques etc… Also a bunch of tattooers I look up too, of course, have had a big impact and have influenced me a lot, which I am very thankful for.

What does ‘loyal to the profession’ mean to you?
I guess for me is just a reminder that tattooing comes first! Not to be part of the hype. I want to do good tattoos for me and the person getting it, not to win trophies, be in magazines, etc..

Do you personally think tattoos are more about impulsivity or reflection?
I think it varies from person to person! However I do think people are becoming more educated about tattoos and the art and not so much just setting them for the fuck of it!

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not tattooing people?
I tattoo a lot, usually take very few time off. I’m still very new to this so I put in a lot of time into my art. Or try to, I like to think… if I’m not at the shop, I’ll probably be home drawing or painting!
I’m real lame, I don’t party or go out much! However when I get the chance I do really enjoy hiking and doing nature stuff!

Dannii Garbiras | Tattoo Life
Dannii Garbiras | Tattoo Life

What is your favorite part of being a tattoo artist?
Not only do I get to do my art on people’s skin for ever, is mind blowing and maybe is easy to take that for granted but it’s such an insane thing! But I’ve also been able to travel the world and go wherever I want too, I’ve gotten to meet some of the best people. Everything I have today, anything I’ve done or will do in the future is thanks to tattooing!

Who did you get tattooed by along the path?
I definitely have a lot of bad tattoos I’ve gotten over the years but I do have a few by some amazing tattooers and friends. I rarely get tattooed any more because it hurts way too much and I’m almost out of space…but I’m very lucky to have some from Antonio Roque, who is one of my favorites! Ryan Thomas, Toothtaker, Myke Chambers, Abel Sanchez, Edek, Erick “color” from Houston Texas who does some of the sickest lettering out there but not enough people know about him, and a few others I’m forgetting right now! But I’m very thankful for all of them!

What’s next?
I don’t know, I try not to think about it much! I just wanna keep getting better. Keep learning, travelling and doing tattoos, other than that, I have no idea!