Wrongly believed in Italian culture to be a symbol of mourning, this “golden flower” is actually the ultimate symbol of life and splendour. Let’s find out all about it…

The chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum is also its Latin name) is a flower which grows in many parts of the world, from Europe to China. The plant can grow to a height of one metre and its leaves have a pungent smell which can at times be quite unpleasant.

What is intersting is that worldwide there are about two hundred species of chrysanthemum, a truly surprising number and the flowers bloom from early spring to the first frost.

Damien Rodriguez, Invisible NYC, New York, USA
Damien Rodriguez, Invisible NYC, New York, USA

In Greek, the name chrysanthemum means “golden flower” and in countries like Korea and China it is the plant for celebrations while in Japan it stands for the glory of the nation.

When the chrysanthemum is in bloom, the emperor of Japan always opens his palace gardens to the public so that guests can enjoy the full beauty of his vast collection.

In contrast to its mournful association with death and graveyards in many Western countries, in the Orient the chrysanthemum is a symbol of life and can be admired not only in gardens but also in paintings, embroidery and textiles and is frequently mentioned in countless poems and works of literature.

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