Italian Tattoo Artists Yearbook 2017

The Italian Tattoo Yearbook celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year, but in all this time, the interest and response from tattoo artists and fans has remained the same. You can tell for yourselves, leafing through this volume!

In an age when anyone can look up anything online, when things change and fads come and go at the speed of a click, this book continues to be a firm favourite with professionals and collectors. Because of the way it is laid out (in alphabetical order, divided up according to the regions), the Yearbook makes it easy to find an artist or a tattoo shop or even a particular style, giving a snapshot of the current scene in Italy, immortalising it forever. From Piedmont, it crosses every region of the country to end up in Sardinia. How far is that? Thousands of kilometres. How many tattoo artists will you meet on the way? Hundreds! Tattoos? Thousands of them! Place your trust in our Yearbook. Let it be your compass, a sure guide, while on your phone, the images continue to flow in a continuous blur.