Hi Chuco, would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?
Saludos, my name is Chuco Moreno and I am a tattooer from the neighborhoods and back streets of California.

When did you start tattooing and how would you define your style?
I began my life’s journey in tattooing before I could drive a car, long before I was a man. My path of a tattooer came to me when I was 12 years old, in the room of my homeboys pad. It began with a hand drawn home made tattoo of Jesus Cristo on my older brother Toño.

My style comes from my heritage my culture and from my people.

I’m a neighborhood tattooer, my tattoo style is what it has always been Neighborhood style.

Chuco Moreno, Eric Maaske
Chuco Moreno, Eric Maaske’s Classic Tattoo, Fullerton, California

Did it change over time?
I have studied all styles off tattooing and have gained the ability to execute them at will. The first 8 years of my professional career I learned from my friends who were American Traditional tattooers. I put on bold solid simple tattoos based on designs from the fore fathers of modern tattooing. After I had made my bones in the craft I went back to my roots, I began making the tattoos I had drawn and admired from my childhood, tattoo’s that where purely based in the art of my people, “Mi Raza”.

Is it important for you to also paint and draw, beside of tattooing?
It is very important to me to produce designs from my heritage, Designs for the new generations so that there is a direct link to the past. I have received so much from tattooing and I am conscious of my obligation to give back to this special thing we call “Tattoo”. I make images in the traditional medium of my people using the basic tools of pencil, ink pen and water color paint.

Chuco Moreno, Eric Maaske
Chuco Moreno, Eric Maaske’s Classic Tattoo, Fullerton, California

What are your favourite subjects and techniques?
My favorite subject matter is the heart and soul of the Chicano people, our woman, our way of life, the cars, our beliefs and our beautiful history.

Where did the idea of this eBook come from?
The idea of the eBook came to me from my dear friend Miki. who is a ambassador of tattooing world wide.

What are your projects for the future?
My future projects are ones that I believe in, stand firmly behind and am passionate about. I am involved in many projects with people that I respect and trust but of them all the most important and closest to my heart is the story of “Honor Farm”.

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