Choose your Warrior Tattoo Flash

This week the gallery is dedicated to Warrior’s Tattoo Flash: take a look at our selection of flash and get insipired for your next tattoo.

What man does not, deep down, feel like a warrior? And what woman would not fight to defend her own interests?

We are not talking about being violent, vindictive or even worse, destructive towards other ways of seeing things. But of not giving up when faced with the adversities of life, being willing to defend your land and stand up for who you are. Whether it’s a samurai, a Roman legionnaire or a warrior, a figure from genre literature who has become established in the collective imagination. Everyone has their own subjective reference points they can look to as examples or who they can turn to as symbols of their deeds.

This column is dedicated to tattoo flash: there will be loads of new proposals every week, in colour and black and white which we select for you from material sent to the staff. A melting pot on a specific theme from which to pick the subjects you’ve always dreamed of having tattooed.