Choose your Skulls’ Tattoo Flash

This week the gallery is dedicated to Skulls’ Tattoo Flash. A focus on all that is left of man: the skull. In tattoo, this effigy is associated above all with reminders of life and death, but also time, the futility of female beauty, how all things fade.

The skull is a kind of threshold beyond which we can glimpse something which goes beyond life. One of the most popular subjects in tattoo, it comes in all manner of different styles including traditional, realism and chicano.

Take a look at our gallery if you are planning on getting a tattoo with a strong subject like this and need some inspiration!

If you’re interested in this subject don’t miss our book “Skulls” with a striking and vast range of skull drawings by the Swiss master tattoo artist, Filip leu. View More!

This column is dedicated to tattoo flash: there will be loads of new proposals every week, in colour and black and white which we select for you from material sent to the staff. A melting pot on a specific theme from which to pick the subjects you’ve always dreamed of having tattooed.