Choose your Neo Traditional Tattoo Flash

This week our gallery of flash is dedicated to Neo Traditional Style. It’s the evolution of Traditional and all its contaminations: with graffiti, comics and a whole world of inspiration which has been feeding into tattoo over the past ten years or so.

Neo Traditional is all about images which, in their two dimensions, contain volumes. Thick black outlines and colours like purple, orange and acid green are the base notes of these constructions.

So many subjects go to make up this universe: from women’s faces to strange stylised animals and bodies composed of pieces which seem to be independent of one another. And plenty of irony in hard-hitting tattoos which in their loss of reality and contrast with realism find their true strength.

Do you like it? Check out our gallery and discover more!

This column is dedicated to tattoo flash: there will be loads of new proposals every week, in colour and black and white which we select for you from material sent to the staff. A melting pot on a specific theme from which to pick the subjects you’ve always dreamed of having tattooed.