Choose your Mask’s Tattoo Flash

This week the gallery is dedicated to Mask’s Tattoo Flash: a beautiful and fascinating subject in the art of tattooing.

A director of the calibre of Stanley Kubrick tried to explain it to us some years back in ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, the last film made during his lifetime and freely adapted from the short story ‘Dream Novella’ by Arthur Schnitzler. Basically, what the legendary British film maker was trying to tell us was that a human being can show their true face when they put on a mask.

With our faces covered, Kubrick says, we are better able to reveal our true nature, or rather that sort of primordial instinct which we normally tend to suppress in our conformity to everyday life.

A fascinating theory which leads to another opinion – which is certainly more psychological in nature – about the various masks selected in this intriguing gallery. Masks of every shape and kind to represent what we really are. But at the end of the day, is that not the secret behind any good tattoo?

This column is dedicated to tattoo flash: there will be loads of new proposals every week, in colour and black and white which we select for you from material sent to the staff. A melting pot on a specific theme from which to pick the subjects you’ve always dreamed of having tattooed.