Choose your Demons Tattoo Flash

This week the gallery is dedicated to Demons Tattoo Flash. Hands, arms, back pieces and body suits in this gallery are dedicated to a powerful icon of tattoo: the demon.

An image of crucial importance in some styles like Japanese where it appears in countless different guises: the traditional mask in vivid colours, with wide eyes, long horns and sharp teeth, or else an anthropomorphic version with the monstrous combination of a human face and the features of one of more different animals.

Demon masks were worn by priests to keep evil spirits at bay. Or else they appear in dark imagery where the demon is humanised and seen alongside other imagery, tenebrous even mocking presences. Yet at times, despite the fear their frightening appearance may arouse, they are actually considered symbols of good luck. Because a demon is a spirit which must be respected, which must never be offended, especially if you choose to carry it on you forever.

This column is dedicated to tattoo flash: there will be loads of new proposals every week, in colour and black and white which we select for you from material sent to the staff. A melting pot on a specific theme from which to pick the subjects you’ve always dreamed of having tattooed.