Ching interviews Yun

What is your background and how you got started tattooing?
My name is 祥雲 (YUN). When I was 16 years old I started painting and learning things about tattoos. My first studio was create in 2007 and it lasted 10 years. Even now I’m still learning and painting. I always remind myself to persist until the end.

Would you like to tell us the most important thing in your career?
We only got one life, so I’ll constantly challenge and persist. I believe that one day every dream can come true.

Could you name three adjectives which describe your tattoos?
Tattoos are my life and I love them. It is very difficult to find words to describe my tattoos, I believe that as long as I’ve got enthusiasm my works can get better.

Do you have a subject or something which you’re particularly passionate about?
Traditional Japanese is my passion, I’d like to be able to do a lot of different subjects and make tattoos look like a lot of stories all together.

Who are your mentors? And who do you admire now – in art, and in life?
Every tattoo artists are great, they all are my mentors.

Where are you working at the moment, and what dreams do you harbour for the future?
I have my studio, “YUN Tattoo”, in Hsinchu city, Taiwan. In the future I’ll keep attending conventions all over the world to get in touch with different tattoo styles and cultures.

What would you say to the young tattooists, at this particular historic moment?
The road ahead is long. Do your best in work and life, everything you desire can be achieved, so stick it out!

Tattoo artist: YUN / Shop name: YUN TATTOO
Instagram: yuntattoo168
Facebook: Tattoo Yun