What is your background and how you got started tattooing?
I was in art school and I have loved drawing since I was a kid. I designed tattoos for my relative who owns a tattoo shop after I graduated. And then I learnt tattoo when I started to be interested in it.

Would you like to tell us the most important steps in your career?
The most important step in my career is that I earned the trust of most of the Taiwanese tattoo artists and they wanted me to tattoo on them. I’m currently tattooing 8 to 10 tattoo artists.

Could you name three adjectives which describe your tattoos?
Simple, overwhelming and distinct.

And three which describe you as a person?
Bold, persistent and innovative.

Do you have something which you’re particularly passionate about?
Besides my wife, my kids and my family, creating better tattoos for my clients and other tattoo artists are my passion.

Who are your mentors? And who do you admire now – in art, and in life?
Every brilliant tattoo artist is my mentor. I admire Dai Dunbang who is a renowned Chinese art painter and Lo Chan-Peng who is a cutting-edge painter.

Where are you working at the moment, and what dreams do you harbour for the future?
I am the owner of assassin-tattoo. I want to continue tattooing but only focusing on the style I’m good at and teach my apprentices tattoo to keep assassin-tattoo going.

What are your thoughts regarding tattooing, at this particular historic moment?
Doing everything I can to innovate the way of presenting tattoo.

What advice would you give to young people who are interested in following this career path?
This is a road with no return if you are really interested in this career.

Contact name: Lee
Studio: Assassin Tattoo
Email: assassin0824@yahoo.com.tw
IG: assassintattoolee
Facebook: Assassintattoo Lee