Ching interviews Dexter

What is your background and how you got started tattooing?
I found myself extremely passionate about drawing when I was a little kid. I majored in graphic design, before my career as a tattooer, my jobs were also drawing or graphic design related. After serving my military duty and several jobs, I realized I was more into drawing than graphic design, that was when tattoo came up to my mind.

Would you like to tell us the most important steps in your career?
When someone comes to me with my works, especially those from countries outside Taipei or even some people plan to travel to Taiwan and ask me if they could stop by to the tattoo shop just to have my works on them. These are really precious moments I treasure and motivate me to advance myself.

Could you name three adjectives which describe your tattoos?
Black and white, dot, my style of Ukiyo-e.

And three which describe you as a person?
Introvert, workaholic, video game geek (laugh).

Do you have something which you’re particularly passionate about?
I love my cats so much and I play with them whenever I have spare time. The most rewarding time is when I go home tiredly and they welcome me with their big round eyes… all the tiredness is gone! Another subject I am passionate about is to dive into the art of Ukiyo-e which many of my inspirations come from.

Who are your mentors? And who do you admire now – in art, and in life?
All the seniors in life and in art I admire to, they have richful life experiences that I can learn from and it is always a pleasure to get to meet them in person.

Where are you working at the moment, and what dreams do you harbour for the future?
I currently work at Justice Ink. I am planning to travel the world while I tattoo in different countries. Needless to say, traveling is so important to me: throughout the journey I discover and explore cultures and meet so many talented human beings that can inspire me at every level. I hope to meet many other great artists and learn from them.

What are your thoughts regarding tattooing, at this particular historic moment?
Nowadays we can easily get the informations online actively or passively. The general public of Taiwan sure has a better understanding of tattoo now. However, there still are some people with conservative minds that do not think about tattoo as an art form but as a symbol of bad and evil. Tattoo has a profound history, if you are not able to appreciate it is such a shame, in my opinion.

What advice would you give to young people who are interested in following this career path?
First of all, you must be passionate. Second, made up your mind and dedicate yourself 100%. It is a career that needs you to be devoted, it requires lots of practicing and you have to be open-minded to absorb all the informations. To me, tattoo is not just a career, it is a life style I embrace and live up to. In Chinese we say ”one minute of performance on stage, ten years of hard work off stage.” I really enjoy the hard work and those “endless drawing nights”… if you are sure about your choice, just go and do it!

Dexter (Justice Ink)
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