Whether you love Deftones heavy music or not, you will quickly fall in love with the Canadian model of this month. Because she’s the beautiful Brittnee Madden…

Hi Brittney, you aren’t only the June model on 2020 Tattoo Life Calendar, but also the face and the body on the cover of the calendar. How you reacted to this double featuring?
Hi, I actually found out about the double feature on the night that I had my birthday party.
I was super excited and over the moon that I got the cover of the calendar and the month of June! It was a nice surprise and the perfect birthday gift.

Tattoo model Brittnee Madden photographed by Christian Saint in New York
Tattoo model Brittnee Madden photographed by Christian Saint in New York

You’re not just an alt model, are you?
No, I’m not only an alt model… (smiles) I use to be a chef actually, and then made the transition to working the front of house because I bartend now. In the past I was featured in a horror film and I was actually a poop monster (go figure). It was on Netflix. I’m talking about a series of little horror/thriller short films called The ABC’s of Death. I’ve also been featured in a couple of different music videos.

Brittnee Madden by John Lee (Digital Fabric)
Brittnee Madden by John Lee (Digital Fabric)

By the way are you in touch with the guys from Deftones? I know you guested on their You’ve seen the butcher video.
No, I am not in touch with Deftones, but I wish! And you’re right: I was in the music video You’ve seen the butcher. If you’re in touch with them, tell them I say hello! (laughs)

Let’s talk about your tattoos now. What was the first tattoo ever in your life? Do you still have it or have you covered it up in the meantime?
The first tattoo I ever got was a vampire lady on the left side of my torso (I do still have it).

I did a co-op course when I was in high school at a tattoo shop and the artist I mentored tattooed me at the end of the course.

Is that exotic female character with a panther headdress (on your right arm) your most important tattoo by any chance?
The panther head/lady Demond on my arm was a cover up. I used to have this cuff on my shoulder of leopard print (well, it was awful!) so Morgan MacDonald did an amazing cover up job. It was done at “Seven Crowns Tattoo” in Toronto.

Brittnee Madden by Cobalt Blue
Brittnee Madden by Cobalt Blue

You have a huge lettering – “Free Bird” – on both of your thighs. Could it be that you are a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan?
Yeah, I do have “Free Bird” tattooed on my thighs and yes, I’m a huge Lynyrd Skynyrd fan and I love Southern/blues music!

Brittnee Madden by John Lee (Digital Fabric)
Brittnee Madden by John Lee (Digital Fabric)

Who is or who are your trusted tattoo artists that you have approached so far?
I’ve been tattooed by many different artists in Toronto. At the moment I’m getting most of my pieces done by Todd Marritt working at “Adrenaline Tattoos”, always in Toronto.

Last question: do you think you will get tattooed again once this necessary quarantine is over? Any ideas for a nice subject?
I will most definitely be getting more tattoos again once this quarantine business is over. Because I actually started a huge thigh piece right before the lockdown happened.