On Saturday, May 6th, Booth Gallery presents “Subliminal”, a two-person exhibition of new works by Los Angeles-based artists Jason Shawn Alexander and Stephanie Inagaki. Alexander and Inagaki assume different approaches to their art, using different mediums, styles, and processes. However, the intent and subject of lives portrayed in their images are where the works in “Subliminal” converge. Whether the style is decorative or expressionistic, their end result is art that refuses to be void of emotion.

Subliminal, Jason Shawn Alexander and Stephanie Inagaki
Subliminal, Jason Shawn Alexander and Stephanie Inagaki

Alexander creates towering pieces, that impose their magnitude upon the viewer. These life-sized figures communicate through body language and expressionistic abstractions. Alternatively, Inagaki’s mixed media works portray characters that hold direct eye contact with the viewer, daring them to seek meaning within her mythologically-based narratives. Both Inagaki and Alexander’s figures are vessels for stories, purposed to transfer emotion and human experience.

May 6th – May 27th, 2017
Opening Reception Saturday, May 6th from 7p – 11p

Booth Gallery
325 W 38th St #1 New York, NY 10018