Halloween’s here! Don’t forget to take a look at our digital library and find out some dark masterpiece by the best tattoo artists on the scene.

“Black” by Giuliano Cascella
50 plates in powerful black exploring subjects well known and beloved by tattoo lovers, with a masterful and imaginative new twist. This is an anthology teetering on the edge between folktales and reality, neo-traditional and manga, reality and imagination.

“Sketch And Drawing” by Robert Hernandez
Throughout the years Robert Hernandez has developed a unique style all his own: intriguing, somewhat on the dark side, sinister even, with the main focus on realism. As he usually does, he plays here with different tones and textures, creating distorting portraits that truly look alive.

“Shadows & Light” By Dr. Pepper
A beautiful study of shadows and light: a real art catalogue, celebrating subjects dear to the Dark and Horror styles – skulls, insects, crows, butterflies, dragons, and more. An indispensable eBook, where the past, present and future meet, for anybody looking for unusual inspiration and new ideas for their tattoos.

“333” by Maud Dardeau
Illustrator, painter, and tattoo artist – for several years alongside Tin-Tin in Paris, and now in her own studio in Bordeaux – Maud Dardeau has a delicate artistic view of the world, where black serves as a counterpoint to the exquisitely delicate shapes and subjects ranging from the animal world to dreamy visions with special graphic twists.