The new BAAO album is almost ready and scheduled for this spring. In the meantime we have reached their tattooed singer and that’s all, folks…

We asked a few tattoo-friendly questions to Joel Quartuccio, charismatic frontman from Being As An Ocean, the impressive American post-hardcore band from Alpine, California. Check it out!

Being As An Ocean, Joel Quartuccio by Shai Lev
Being As An Ocean, Joel Quartuccio by Shai Lev

You are 27 years old and your skin is so full of ink. When did it start your personal research in the tattoo art territory?
I first became interested in tattoos very early in my life. I think it was watching music videos on ‘Headbanger’s Ball’, when I was 9-11 years old, that really solidified it in my mind that I would be tattooed when I got older.

And then came hardcore music, of course…
Yeah, after going to my first hardcore/metal show when I was 11, I knew that I wanted to be covered. Seeing everyone’s artwork on them in so many different styles and traditions. I was hooked. It has been a huge part of my life ever since.

What does it mean for you being tattooed? Is it a way of life, a try to express “something” or a sort of spiritual situation?
My tattoos are very special to me. They reflect my memories, my beliefs (past and present), and are a part of my personality and aesthetic when I close my eyes and picture myself.

They are beautiful pieces of art that I get to keep forever, they are reminders of tragedy and joy, they are expressions of my mind and heart, they are road maps to my past and who I am to my core.

I’d say that that makes them very spiritual to me, while also amplifying my life aesthetically.

Being As An Ocean by Corinne Alexandra
Being As An Ocean by Corinne Alexandra

It seems that you are a fan of Traditional/Old School tattoos. Do you like other styles?
Although I can appreciate other styles of professional tattooing, I am a huge fan of all traditional styles: American, Japanese, Eastern Traditional, and Russian prison. I love the history and legacy of each practice. They are beautifully cultural and carry more meaning and weight in their symbolism then others to me. I like sharing a tattoo with people who lived 50-100 years ago. I think that is special and beautiful to tie the generations of tattooed people together like that. I do think that traditional tattooing is the best and my favourite style because the pieces are immediately clear and recognizable from across the room, you don’t have to get right up on it to see what it is exactly.

Bold, clean, and black. That is my favourite, what I think heals and looks best on skin.

Do you like religious tattoos too? Stuff like crosses, Mother Mary figures, Jesus Christ portraits, sacred hearts etc.?
I love sacred/religious tattoos and have a handful. I appreciate the history of the pieces especially in the American tradition and love how they look as tattoos on skin. I like how people can attach their own feeling and meanings to them, even if you aren’t spiritual/religious.

Being As An Ocean, Joel Quartuccio by Shai Lev
Being As An Ocean, Joel Quartuccio by Shai Lev

You come from San Diego area, California. Do you have favourite tattoo artists or tattoo studios there?
I refer everyone I come across who asks to go up to Temecula, a small city about 45 minutes north of San Diego, and see either Aaron Mason or David Flores at ‘Old Rose Tattoo’.

They are two of the fastest, fairest, and most professional tattoo artists I have ever met. I’m proud to have been tattooed by both, multiple times, and our entire band is covered in both of their art.

On the artwork of your sophomore album ‘How We Both Wondrously Perish?’ (2014) there is a female model completely clean. Tell me the truth: have you ever thought to put an alt model fully tattooed there?
That’s a thought! (laughs) The picture was actually purchased from the photographer and had been shot prior to the purchase. We liked how clean the whole imagine looked with the whites, light blues, and fair, untattooed skin of the model. I think we love it the way it is. And who knows, maybe she is an alt kid! Tattoos aren’t for everyone! (laughs again)

What’s about the follow-up of ‘Waiting For Morning To Come’? May you tell me some updates?
we are currently mixing/mastering it. All I can say about it is that it is massive and we are all confident that it will be something extremely new and special. I think we will change the game with this one. We have never been more proud of an album that we have written. It’ll be out Spring 2019

Being As An Ocean, album cover