Hailing from Australia’s capital city, Bang Bang started carving out her place in the local burlesque scene in 2010. She then quickly expanded her presence by performing at alternative pageants and live music events along the east coast of Australia. Upon relocating to Sydney in 2014, she set her sights on the world of modeling. In only a few short years, she transitioned her passion and creativity from the stage to the camera. Her love for heavy metal, old school glamour and pinup sweetness radiates in all she does. It doesn’t matter if she’s igniting the stage or gracing the pages of tattoo lifestyle magazines, her retro glam with a rock and roll edge never goes out of style.

What made you want to be tattooed?
I’ve always loved alternative beauty. As a kid, I would use drawing pins and sharpies and would give my Barbies piercings and tattoos. So I think I was always heading down that path. nI started out with quite a few body piercings and didn’t pay too much attention to tattoos, but over the years the piercings have been removed and the tattoos keep growing. People often ask, “why” and I just explain that I’m simply working towards looking the way I’ve always felt I’m meant to look. My tattoos don’t always hold deep personal meanings, but each one has become part of the skin I recognize as my own and feel comfortable in.

Bang Bang
Bang Bang

Who is your tattoo artist?
I spend hours on Instagram swooning over so many talented artists. There are so many styles that I love, but my own particular style is quite girly and I wanted to find an artist who captured that. Melanie Milne at LDF Tattoo in Newtown is my go to, when I’m planning something new. She does a fantastic job of taking a poorly verbalized idea out of my imagination and turning it into exactly what I was hoping for.

What’s the craziest tattoo you have, why did you get it, and what does it mean?
My knuckle tattoos were the direct result of a really boring work meeting. I was doodling in my notebook and at the time I had a tattoo studio directly across the road from my work place. So when the meeting wrapped up, I tore that page out of my notebook and took a stroll across the street. The knuckle tattoos were not thought out and they are entirely meaningless. I tattooed cute bits n pieces, a diamond, a tooth, a shooting star, a cupcake, a ribbon/bow, a skull and crossbones, a love heart and an ice cream. Luckily, I haven’t spent a single moment regretting them.

What style burlesque acts do you do?
As cliche as it sounds, I love all styles. I’m happiest when I don’t need to restrict my inspiration to fit into a particular genre. When I first started learning burlesque, it was 100% classical. I think that was a really important starting place, as it embedded the grace and poise that underpins all of my burlesque acts. Though not long after I started, I found my home as a performer at a heavy metal venue. I was able to transfer my classical skills and essential props like silk and feathers into acts with fake blood and fire. I loved having an audience that would rock out with me.

Bang Bang
Bang Bang

Do you have a normal job or are you a full time tattoo model and burlesque performer?
I have an incredibly normal job. I work in a corporate environment and manage a small team of really fantastic people. I get to travel around the state and deliver presentations at industry forums. So, I consider myself very lucky that I’m not always cooped up in an office. At first, I was worried that my piercings and tattoos would be a barrier to my work. Instead they turned out to break down the barriers and allow me to develop deeper rapport with my stakeholders, who have grown to see me less of a corporate figure head and more of an actual person.

What are your hobbies?
I love to dance. I’ve been dancing since I was about 11 or 12 and it still makes me happy. It’s the cornerstone of my fitness because it doesn’t feel like exercise. In my spare time I also love reading, playing video games, and I enjoy spending time in the kitchen. I particularly enjoy baking. We live in such a world of convenience that I think there is something a little bit special about having something homemade.

What is something nobody would ever guess about you?
I think when you have a few visible piercings, tattoos and when people have seen you on stage as a performer, people really form their own idea of who you are based on the stereotypes they’ve already formed about those things. They can be really surprised to learn that underneath the tattoos and the rhinestone costumes is someone who is quiet, bookish and well a little bit of a nerd.

How would you describe yourself?
I always find describing myself so difficult! I think I’ve spent a lot of my life not cleanly fitting into any one particular box. I’ve always been too much of one thing or not enough of another. Perhaps, I’m just indescribable. Jokes aside, I always consider myself as a work in progress. The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing. I’m always looking at ways I can challenge myself to improve, to be better and to do more.

What’s your life long dream?
I’m not sure if I’ve ever put a lot of thought into what my life long dream might be. I’m quite sure that it would involve a lot of travel. There is so many countries left on my must see list: Mexico, India and Morocco being just a few. I’m also a poorly closeted Disney fanatic and I’m slowly but surely visiting every Disneyland.

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