“Kiss the sky”, the famous quote taken by that Jimi Hendrix tune (‘Purple haze’) is a sort of mantra for our beloved spring model…

Keep going on with our interviews dedicated to all the twelve gorgeous, tattooed alt-model that embellish the official 2018 Tattoo Life calendar.

This time it’s the turn of talking with Bambu Jessica, former Buddhist, now devoted to Jesus Christ and deeply in love with her cat and travelling companion, mister Tinky Spacedust.

Bambu Jessica by Jen Drewyore-Beck
Bambu Jessica by Jen Drewyore-Beck

Jessica believes for sure that there’s something more beyond this old “material world“. And keep repeating it to us in her lively and smart answers. Check it out!

Did you feel excited to have posed for the 2018 Tattoo Life official calendar showing your pink hair?
I was absolutely stoked to be involved! It’s always nice to be amongst great company and the tattoo community is so full of beautiful people. My hair is brown now, maybe next year I’ll be showing that around as your April woman again. (smiles)

How many years have you tattooed regularly?
I’ve been getting tattooed for 15 years now. The second I turned eighteen I was seated in the chair! I knew at an early age that I would be heavily tattooed.

What was your last tattoo in order of time?
The last one I had done was on my forehead. It’s a piece that everyone tried to talk me out of but it’s one of my favourites. It reminds me that I’m in this world, but not of it. I’m just passing through and I don’t have to conform to its norm.

Bambu Jessica by Jen Drewyore-Beck
Bambu Jessica by Jen Drewyore-Beck

Tell me something of the “Buddha Hello Kitty” that you wear on your left arm…
I was a practicing Buddhist for a decade and that tattoo was dedicated to this great life experience. However, I am now saved by the blood of Jesus Christ: He has completely changed my life and my being from the inside out. Glory to God! I no longer pose nude, practice Buddhism and these pictures and my tattoos are all part of the testimony .

What’s about that Jimi Hendrix quote (“Excuse me while I kiss the sky”) that you have on the inner side of your left arm?
That’s another tattoo that reminds me to “kiss the sky” and don’t let this world get you. There is more beyond this day by day reality, so kiss that sky!

Bambu Jessica by Jen Drewyore-Beck
Bambu Jessica by Jen Drewyore-Beck

Is it true that you have a tattoo dedicated to your beloved tarantula?
Yes, her name was Fanny and sadly she passed away. She taught me so much about overcoming fear. She was so sweet, gentle and loving. My tarantula tattoo is a deep memorial for her.

And what’s about that cat in a frame that you have on your right leg?
His name is Tinky Spacedust, he’s 13 years old and travels with me everywhere. He’s been an amazing friend, truly a blessing and I love him so much. He’s still alive and well and I hope he has many years shared of him. Love my buddy! (laughs)

Bambu Jessica by Jen Drewyore-Beck
Bambu Jessica by Jen Drewyore-Beck

Who is your favourite tattoo artist ever?
Ever? Too many to chose from! The artists I’ve gotten tattooed by and that I love are Josh Petty, Lacey Loo McClellan, Jai Oh, Garth Hixon etc.

I love the work of Laura Anunnaki, based out of Japan: she’s so brilliant in colour!

Last question: what music playlist you recommend to Tattoo Life readers as they read your interview?
These days I’m jamming on some more funk, blues, bluegrass and gospel. Whatever you listen to, just make sure you dance! So good for the mind, body and soul to boogie. Kiss the sky, beautiful babes!

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