New European gigs are on the way (see the list) while the new album, ‘Age of Unreason’, is scheduled for May 3. More than a record, it’s a testament to resilience…

The historic LA historic punk rock band Bad Religion is ready for a return with ‘Age of Unreason’, the new album coming out on May 3 on Epitaph Records.

Age Of Unreason’ is their seventeenth album and was co-produced by Carlos de la Garza.

Bad Religion

Listen below a brand new track called ‘Chaos From Within’!

The songs on ‘Age of Unreason’ are both furious and meticulously crafted. There are references to contemporary events; racist rallies, Donald Trump’s election, the erosion of the middle class, Colin Kaepernick’s protest, alternative facts, conspiracy theories, and there are tributes to the literary and philosophical works that have long inspired the band.

Chaos From Within’ uses the band’s iconic fast, powerful and melodic sound to examine the current border wall controversy with explicit lyrics.

Bad Religion, Age of Unreason

As co-songwriter and lead singer, Greg Graffin says, “Throughout history, walls have been used to keep the barbarians out, but it seems to me that the truly barbaric aspect of a civilization is the chaos that comes from within”.

The new Bad Religion record is both a dire warning and a testament to resilience. The overall message being – seek truth about the world and oneself.

Bad Religion, picture by Alice Baxley
Bad Religion, picture by Alice Baxley

As Graffin, who holds a PhD in the History of Science, says, “When I saw all these headlines about how terrible our world had become, I started doing a lot of reading. I read about the French revolution, the American Revolution, the Civil War, and I started to recognize that this is a pattern of history and something we should never venture into. Every school child should know this and maybe this album can help…”.

Bad Religion – European Tour 2019 (more dates to be announced):
May, 3 – Tanzbrunnen, Cologne
May, 4 – Faust Wiese, Hannover (sold out)
May, 6 – AB, Brussels
May, 7 – Trianon, Paris
May, 8 – La Nef, Angouleme
May, 10 – Saarlandhalle, Saarbrücken
May, 11 – S’Oliver Halle, Wärzburg (sold out)
May, 12 – Messehalle, Dornbirn
May, 14 – Wizink, Madrid
May, 15 – Altice Arena-Sala Teyo, Lisbon
May, 17 – Poble Espanol, Barcelona (sold out)
May, 18 – Iradier Arena, Vitoria
May, 21 – Arena-Open Air Buehne, Vienna
May, 22 – Effenaar, Eindhoven
May, 25 – Slamdunk Festival, Leeds
May, 26 – Slamdunk Festival, Hatfield