Modelling is a “side gig”, tattooing is a day to day job. Miss Hudson’s only has one desire: to come back to Italy to eat some delicious pizza…

Your name is Autumn and your month on the Tattoo Life calendar is August: doesn’t that sound a little bit weird?
Indeed, it is a little strange. (smiles) I was expecting to get September – which would have been fun, because that is the month I was born. However August is a wonderfully hot month, and it’s easy to get away without wearing too much clothing when it’s that hot outside!

Tattoo artist and model Autumn Hudson
Tattoo artist and model Autumn Hudson photographed by Christian Saint in New York

What’s your fondest memory of your photo shoot with Christian Saint?
Mr. Christian Saint was one of the easiest photographers I have ever worked with. He was very easy going and knew how to make me feel comfortable.

Autumn Hudson by Jenna Kraczek
Autumn Hudson, photo by Jenna Kraczek

Are you are a tattoo artist and model at the same time or is modelling only a “plan B” for you?
Modelling is definitely a side gig, I like to do for fun. I enjoy getting my picture taken, and it makes me feel more confident and pretty. However my true passion is tattooing. It is something I have always wanted to do, and I’ve made the dream come true.

Tattooing is my #1 and it will always be my first priority in life.

I can’t really label your tattoo style and the pieces you did at “Elysium Studios” in Grand Junction (Colorado). Can you help me?
Absolutely. What I try to do is come up with something unique, something different. It’s not easy to put a label on what my imagination creates.

I like to call it “surrealism”- a mixture between realism and something abstract.

I just want to create something that makes you feel something. Whatever it is, good or bad, I just want people to feel something when they see my artwork.

Autumn Hudson by Jenna Kraczek
Autumn Hudson, photo by Jenna Kraczek

Do you have a particular subject on your skin that you are particularly attached to?
I recently got a tattoo from Timur Lysenko in Poland, last December. It is definitely my favourite tattoo, also a different kind of surrealistic style, that I admire. I let him choose where and what he wanted to tattoo on me. Timur created a beautiful price of artwork on the back of my knee. It’s hard to describe the imagery, but it was an honour to get tattooed by my favourite artist.

Other favourite tattoo artists you’ve met and spent time around so far? Have you had any masters on the job?
Other than Timur, I have attended seminars, and spent time with Mark Wosgerau, who was generous enough to teach me and help me gain confidence. He really helped improve my artwork with his advice and critique. I also appreciate the new job at “Elysium Studios” working for Arlo DiCristina. This shop and the artists who work here are inspiring and so helpful, I feel like I am only going to grow and become a better artist at “Elysium”.

Will you come back to Italy soon? I saw on your Instagram that you visited Milan and Venice during last fall…
I definitely want to come to the next Milano Tattoo Convention, I love Europe! Italy and Spain are my favourites!

I can’t wait to explore more and do more tattoos… as well as eat more pizza!

Last question: what sort of relationship do you have with your own beauty?
That’s a really tough question. I have never thought I was very pretty, but I love getting my picture taken. Every girl beats themselves up over the things that they see wrong with themselves. I am trying to overcome those thoughts of self doubt, by getting nude, or nearly nude, and really trying to embrace my femininity and flaws, evoke confidence in myself.
It seems to make me feel more confident the more I take opportunities, and put myself out there.

Autumn Hudson by Dave Shepard
Autumn Hudson, photo by Dave Shepard
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