More than 600 people attended the opening in Nantes, France on the 5th of April, 2018, of this show presenting the art of the Leu Family at the ancient LU factory, now a thriving cultural centre called Le Lieu Unique.

Amongst them were heavily tattooed younger people mingling with elderly grey-haired more traditional art fans because the show appeals equally to both groups.

Filip Leu
Filip Leu

It is well known that the Swiss/American artist couple Felix and Loretta Leu roamed the world with their four kids and as a means of supporting their growing family took up tattooing. The rest is history. They became pioneers within the art of tattooing but they never let go of their love of painting.

Felix Leu died in 2002, His eldest son Filip Leu is considered one of the finest tattooers in the world, youngest son Ajja Leu is a famed musician. The music in the exhibition hall was created by Ajja and he assembled it especially for this event.

Their daughter Aia is a fine artist as well as having her own publishing company. They and all the 21 members of the now expanded family paint, from 72 year old materfamilias Loretta to youngest grandchild 8 year old Poppy.

The show is made up of a collection of over 300 paintings and drawings by this eclectic family of artists and is assembled in a colourful wall-to-wall installation which makes this unusual exhibition a true feast for the eyes.

The venue was perfect for the show. The building is located on the banks of the Saint-Felix Canal and on the front of the factory that used to belong to the famous company, makers of Petit-Beurre biscuits, was its giant logo LU. By adding a little e in the middle, the whole building would rightly have spelled LEU. The family simply owned the place that day!

Admission is free and the show is on until May 13, 2018.

Text by Eva Suszkiewicz
Photos by Robbie Jack

Art Leu Family
Caresser la Peau du Ciel
Le Lieu Unique
Quai Ferdinand-Favre, 4400 Nantes, France