The Russian model is a Instagram superstar (though she modestly denies it) and discovered tattoos at 17:”I just saw the idea and realized that was what I wanted!”

Read our interview with Russian super-model Anya Sugar and look at her gorgeous tattooed pictures linked to this piece.

Anya is all sweetness and charm with a body that looks like a true masterpiece and a living tribute to tattoo art.

Ok, it’s time to find out a bit more about her…

Tattoo Model Anya Sugar
Tattoo Model Anya Sugar

Anya, 1 million followers on Instagram and counting and your personal success is increasing by the day. Is it ok by you if I call you a “superstar model”?
What? (smiles) I don’t feel like a star and I am still very surprised at anyone recognizing me anywhere.

Can you tell me briefly about yourself
I’m an absolute Slav. Russian parents. I was in India last February for the first time. An awesome experience!

How did you fall in love with tattoo art?
I started getting tattooed at school. Just saw the idea and realized that I wanted to see this picture on myself. It was at 17 years old. One tattoo has already been removed because I felt that it didn’t belong on me.

Tattoo Model Anya Sugar
Tattoo Model Anya Sugar

Can you describe your right and left sleeves fr me. On the right one you have an angel among other subjects and on the left one I can see some alien figures…
Yeah, on the left there are aliens, galaxies and stars; on the right arm statues of angels and Gothic architecture.

That group of tattooed birds flying towards your neck is something really special.
I did those birds a very long time ago, when I was 19, I think. It’s just birds, nothing else. (smiles)

Tattoo Model Anya Sugar
Tattoo Model Anya Sugar

Who are your favourite tattoo artists?
I have different tattooists and I haven’t been in touch with them for ages because I didn’t want any new tattoos. In fact, I still don’t have plans for any new ones.

Is “Sugar” your nickname because you have a sweet attitude towards life?
Sugar is short for my last name. It’s difficult to translate into English, but it sounds like Sakharova or just the word “sakhar” (like a translation) – yeah, it means sugar in Russian!

Any big plans for 2019? Will you be travelling to any major tattoo conventions in the coming months?
I’ve been invited to a couple of tattoo conventions, but honestly I don’t really want to. Right now I want to do other trips that are not related to the tattoo world.

Instagram: @anya.sugar