Alvaro has recently moved to Sacrifice Bcn in Barcelona and is increasingly in demand for two subjects in particular: faces and animals which he executes in a straightforward Neo-traditional style… we asked him why and he replied simply that this is his comfort zone in tattoo. But he admires and follows a lot of tattoo artists, not only specialists in Neo-traditional and gets inspiration inside and outside of tattoo art.

Read an abstract of the interview by Margherita B on Tattoo Energy (April/May 2018 issue) and enjoy some of his amazing artworks!

Hi Alvaro, where do you hail from originally and where are you living at the moment?
Hi, I’m from Barcelona, though right now I’m living in a little seaside town not far away called Sitges.

You’re a staunch champion of the Neo-traditional style. How did you happen to come around to this approach?
I’ve always been drawn to the Neo-traditional style, even before I ever began to tattoo. I love the solid feel you get from a strong line with a good black base and the movement you can create with the design.I’m really into Traditional tattoo, and even though that isn’t what I normally do, I get a lot of inspiration from this style.

Alvaro Alonso, Malibu Tattoo, Sitges, Spain
Alvaro Alonso, Malibu Tattoo, Sitges, Spain

In any case you are able to do any kind of tattoo, aren’t you?
Right from the start I’ve always had it perfectly clear in my mind what direction I wanted to take. My own particular style of drawing has always allowed me to feel more at ease with the Neo-traditional style. I’ve tried my hand at different styles but I’ve always fairly quickly come back to what I’m doing now. I’ve been doing Neo-traditional for a while now, even though, like I was saying before, I sometimes like to draw things that are close to Traditional or incorporate more realistic details into my pieces.

One thing is certain, that I’m only really good at doing what I do… Or at least I try!

Have you anyone you particularly look up to, any points of reference in tattoo art?
I admire and follow the work of a lot of tattoo artists, not only specialists in Neo-traditional, but other styles too. I get inspiration inside and outside of tattoo art, for example from painting, sculpture or any other art form that gives me new ideas for my tattoos. It’s really hard to name one tattoo artist in particular or give you just a few names of tattoo artists that I admire… Obviously, I have to mention the ones who’ve been doing Neo-traditional for ages, people like Lus Lips, Sam Clark, Adrian Edek, Eckel… They are such a great source of inspiration, even if onl for the way they keep reinventing themselves and evolving their style and they push me to keep on trying new things.

You do a lot of portraits, and animal faces which seem to have human traits. Your repertoire is full of these subjects. What is it that draws you to these themes in particular?
I like to do a bit of everything, but it’s true that I am really drawn to animals and faces. I have a lot of fun doing just about anything, and it’s not as if I try to only do these pieces, but I guess that people like the way I do them and that’s why they’re the things I get asked for the most. But actually, I’m always open to new ideas!

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