Not the ordinary girl, but a Blackheart Burlesquer with a lot of passion for travelling, tattoos and « things that I really enjoy». Get to know better…

Going on with our interviews dedicated to all the twelve gorgeous, tattooed alt-model that embellish the official 2018 Tattoo Life calendar. This time it’s the turn of talking with Abbey So, 2016 Miss Inked Orlando, great Burlesque performer, huge Coheed and Cambria fan former pole dance instructor and, last but not least, champagne enthusiast. Do you really need more?

Abbey So, Tattoo Life Calendar Girl
Abbey So, Tattoo Life Calendar Girl

Let’s start from that funny nickname: Abbey So and So.
I just thought it would be amusing to give myself a last name that appeared to be legitimate. Quite a few people have fallen for it! (laughs) I like to emphasize that I am really just another girl on the internet. I am just another “So-And-So”.

In 2016 you won Miss Inked Orlando and now you are featured on the 2018 Official Tattoo Life Calendar. Even years looks so lucky to you…
Honestly I have made a lot of progress in just a few years. I only started modelling at the beginning of 2016 and last year was super busy in other ways. (smiles) I moved from Florida to California, I landed a Travis Scott music video amongst a few other music videos for smaller artists, I made a point to become comfortable performing in front of people in preparation of auditioning for the Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque, and I also did a lot of travelling.

Abbey So, Tattoo Life Calendar Girl
Tattoo model AbbeySo photographed by Christian Saint in New York

And then comes the crucial 2018…
Yeah, I am very happy being featured in the 2018 Official Tattoo Life Calendar. It is an accomplishment I am extremely proud of, along with starting my US tour with the Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque which kicks off March 1st. Check it out!

About Burlesque thing: do you practice yoga in your life? Because I I have seen pictures of you in some amazing body positions…
I do when I have time. I used to be a pole dance instructor and I took and taught dance and acrobatics. I wish I could practice regularly, Imagine what I could do then! (laughs)

Abbey So, Tattoo Life Calendar Girl
Abbey So, Tattoo Life Calendar Girl

When did you discover tattoo art for the first time in your life?
I’ve always been aware of body art I think, although I didn’t even get my ear lobes pierced until I was 12 years old. I remember seeing people with their ear lobes stretched around that time and I had wanted to do it too.

I ended up stretching my ears around 14 years old and have had a growing number of body modifications ever since. Tattoos included, of course.

Let’s talk about your personal ink starting from your right sleeve: is it a tribute to the comics world maybe?
You could say that. I have to state that I am a very impulsive person, so I get a lot of tattoos on a whim, they tend to be my favourites as the years go by rather than the ones that I planned for several years. I have many video games tattoos, a few cartoon characters, and references to movies like ‘Star Wars’, but the only specific theme to my sleeve I’d say is: things that I enjoy.

What does it symbolize that piece that you have on your right hip?
That would be the Keywork and it is a symbol/logo of my favorite band Coheed and Cambria.

Abbey So, Tattoo Life Calendar Girl
Abbey So, Tattoo Life Calendar Girl

I notice that you have a gingerbread man on your left forearm: another refer to your childhood?
Not at all, just another last minute tattoo I decided to get when I was a body piercer at very slow shop once upon a time! (laughs)

Who are your favourite tattoo artists approached so far?
I have so many favourites that I would love to be tattooed by. I doubt I’ll ever be tattooed by most of them but Denis Tidan is amazing. And then Steven Compton, Jenna Kerr, Moni Marino, Doctor Woo, Carlos Torres, Ellis Cooper, Laura Anunnaki, Kyle Egg Williams etc. I could go on and on.

Last question: what’s your favourite champagne brand? I have read that you describe yourself as a “champagne enthusiast”…
Honestly? I don’t really need anything fancy, I’ve had Cristal and I’ve had Korbel, I will drink any champagne as long as it’s brut or extra dry. Cheers!

Abbey So, Tattoo Life Calendar Girl
Abbey So, Tattoo Life Calendar Girl