A Voyage of Discovery of Spanish tattoo

The new Spanish yearbook for 2017-2018 is out today and like every year presents the best on the Spanish tattoo scene. Apart from Spain, for twenty years now the annual tattoo yearbook has been highlighting all that is new in skin art in Italy, France, Germany and the UK.

Taking you from one tattoo shop to the next: from Barcelona to Madrid, from major Spanish cities to the smallest towns, it’s a voyage in alphabetical order introducing the shops and work of Spanish tattooists at every stop. An essential tool and the starting point for any research. With the advantage over the internet of providing you with immediate pointers and information on the artists in your own country without wasting time on endless web searches and millions of images.

The result is a magnificent collection of skin art in all the best-loved styles, traditional and contemporary alike: from Neo-Traditional to fine line Black & Grey, Realism to the latest developments in New School, and much more besides. Thousands of subjects for a long journey which we hope will show you another side to this marvellous art.

You can find it on the newsstands now! The Yearbook is also available at our online store. Buy now!

Spanish Tattoo Artists Yearbook 2017
Spanish Tattoo Artists Yearbook 2017