For all true tattoo lovers, the most eagerly awaited event in September is undoubtedly the London Tattoo Convention which returns every year an even greater success. By all accounts however, this fourteenth edition which has just finished was something really special, perhaps one of the best in recent years.

It was more than the faultless organisation, with over 400 tattoo artists and thousands of visitors from all over the world back once more to the marvellous location of the Tobacco Dock: the 2018 edition distinguished itself on the vast panorama of tattoo conventions for its joyous atmosphere of harmony and sharing. An atmosphere which had seemed lost forever, something which would never be recaptured again.

The proof is, among other things, to be found in the list of collaborations among great tattooists who worked together on elaborate, splendid tattoos. These included Robert Borbas and Victor Portugal, Sam Taylor and Big Meas, Ryan Smith and Cristian Casas, Steve Butcher and Brent McCown (in a never before seen fusion of traditional Tribal and Realism), Ryan Evans and Matthew James, Jenna Kerr and Coen Mitchell, Dave Paulo and Joe Capobianco. If you like this kind of things don’t miss the Rat Pack! Follow them on Instagram: @theratpacktattoo)

As always, there were the big names who have made the history of tattoo alongside fresh new talents in London for the first time. These included Tony Donaire with his Neo Traditional, Jesse Rix with his three-dimensional pieces and the talented Ryan Ashley (you can find an interview in the upcoming issue of Tattoo Life).

A special mention to the competition judges: Mark Mahoney – on his first visit to London – , Filip Leu (present with all the family) Luke Atkinson and Tin-Tin. But also to the public, which was more on theme than ever before, flaunting their skin art and eye-catching looks. So it is to them that we have dedicated the gallery in this article. Enjoy!

London Tattoo Convention 2018
London Tattoo Convention 2018

For the full photo report and article with all the event details don’t miss the upcoming issue of Tattoo Life with a special feature on London!

Photos and video by Mario Teli