During his many trips around Europe and Japan, Crez has built a bridge between two cultural worlds. His personal know-how has breathed life into an assortment of subjects, themes, and characters who present the many facets of Japan: from nature to samurai, from animals to mythological creatures, including all the characters from Japan’s popular tradition: daruma, suikoden, geishas, dragons…

A Forbidden Craft, Studies by Crez
A Forbidden Craft, Studies by Crez

A Forbidden Craft. Studies by Crez is the new title in The Golden Flash series. It presents a broad selection of his works – graphic designs, from painting and illustration – which encompass over fifteen years of Crez’ tattooing. There’s a mix of subjects that are divided according to visual harmony and technique. Crez has given his own interpretation to each drawing, each sketch, and each painting; in some cases he has fully respected tradition, while in others he has reinterpreted it. Yet he never loses sight of his noble intention: to spread this culture throughout the world, so that its flame may never burn out.

«This book is a selection of drawings, sketches, and digital paintings that I’ve made over the last 15 years. Tattooing in Japan is basically forbidden, as only doctors have the right to tattoo people; the reality is that there are no doctors who make tattoos, and no tattooer is a doctor. We’re facing the risk of losing the heritage of such a majestic form of tattooing. This is why I feel it is important to spread this culture all around the globe so that the flame of Japanese tattooing continues to burn». (Crez)

A Forbidden Craft – Studies by Crez
The Golden Flash Collection
200 pages – €50
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