After the success of the last edition, the Dutch independent brewer SWINKELS FAMILY BREWERS with their famous 8.6 beer brand has come up with a new limited edition signed Intense by Nature.

This year 8.6 has got a makeover with four new graphics numbered from 13 to 16 inspired by the world of tattoo. In particular, number 13, boasts a prestigious collaboration with Tin-Tin, who can easily be said to be the most celebrated artist in northern Europe. With 35 years of experience in the trade and thousands of tattoos to his name, Tin-Tin is the organiser behind Le Mondial du Tatouage in Paris and president of the Syndicat National des Artistes Tatoueurs: a creative genius now considered a point of reference for tattoo the world over.

8.6 Original is a double malt with a strong personality and distinct flavour, but easy to drink. It has a rich golden colour and a fine head. Brewed with a blend of superior malts and selected hops it has a pleasantly sweet aroma which reveals toasted, caramel notes. The flavour is complex but well balanced, with notes of liquorice and nuts which strengthen the slightly bitter aftertaste.

Can number 13, designed by Tin-Tin, shows a dragon coiled around the logo 8.6: a perfect example of the expressive power of the work of this French artist. The 8.6 beer brand officially presented this prestigious collaboration at the Mondial du Tatouage in Paris: a quality beer meets the great art of tattoo and offers true conoisseurs a singular experience and a collector’s item at the same time.

8.6 Intense by Nanure
Instagram: @86FRANCE