30 Missing Heroes: 108 gorgeous illustrations in one volume. Discover the secrets and history of the Suikoden, the legendary heroes of Oriental tradition.

30 Missing Heroes is an essential work for lovers of Japanese culture, bringing together Oriental graphics of today and yesteryear.

This publication celebrates the art of drawing and tattoo in 108 plates: 78 of which are historic originals and another 30 new images, published here for the first time, created by some of the greatest artists on the contemporary tattoo scene.

The book deals with the famous heroes/outlaws known as the Suikoden: 108 heroic outlaws with their bodies covered with extravagant tattoos whose stories have been told so often over the centuries that they form the core of one of the oldest and greatest illustrated novels in Oriental history.

Each illustration – a unique source of inspiration for artists, tattooists and art lovers – is accompanied by a complete descriptive chart, the result of meticulous comparative research carried out by Rossella Menegazzo (Associate Professor of the History of Art of the Far East at the Milan university Università degli Studi di Milano).

Text and contributions by: Miki Vialetto, Greg Horie, Crez and Rossella Menegazzo.

– For lovers of Japanese culture and iconography.

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