After the incredible success of the first volume (1000 Oriental Tattoo Designs), Tas, Rinzing and Jondix are back with a second marvellous collection of designs which explore the iconography and enchanting atmosphere of Asia, with particular attention to the traditions of Japan, Tibet, Thailand and Myanmar.

1000 Oriental Tattoo Designs is an exhaustive reference work for Oriental styles, with over 140 plates by three of the best-loved names in art and tattoo.

Spirits wafting through the forests, masks which come to life and images of extraordinary divinities: the designs of Tas, Jondix and Rinzing are powerful and haunting and can serve as excellent starting points for further interpretations.

The work of these three celebrated artists make it possible to move beyond the stereotyped iconography and glimpse new forms and movements of a soul which lives on with the same perpetual elegance and visual intensity.

– A collection of designs which explore Oriental iconography, with particular attention to Japanese traditions for lovers of Oriental tattoo, art and cultures.

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