Tattooing A to Z #17: Maurizio Fiorini

Maurizio Fiorini was born in 1928, in Montelupo Fiorentino, a small town not far from the city of art and crib of the Renaissance: Florence. He felt in love with tattoos very early. He was only twelve years old when he saw a tattoo on the arm of an ex detainee on the Ambrogiana, a beautiful Villa Medicea built to the confluence of the rivers Arno and Pesa, turned to that epoch into the criminal psychiatric penitentiary. “In short, this tattooed man struck me deeply. I had never seen anything similar in my life and this episode remains engraved in my mind of boy”, Maurizio remembered.

Maurizio Fiorini
Maurizio Fiorini

The years passed and Maurizio were recalled in the Army: it was during this period that he had the opportunity to tattoo for the first time in his life. But it was only when Maurizio met Herbert Hoffmann, his real mentor that he had the opportunity to have a real apprenticeship in Hamburg to work next to the master in the following years.
Hamburg was a very modern city back then, especially in St.Pauli, where Hoffmann’s tattoo studio was located.

Compared to the lifestyle Maurizio had in Florence, life in Hamburg was so different. Willie, Karlmann, Hans, Herbert himself, and all his friends were homosexual, tattooed all over the body, and they lived free in love and harmony. Maurizio himself tattooed a lizard on Herbert penis.

Maurizio Fiorini, Watercolour by Pepe
Maurizio Fiorini, Watercolour by Pepe

His tattoo studio in Florence has always been a meeting point for everybody who loved this art, for many years the focus of Maurizio was teaching the art of tattooing to the young people and to his great satisfaction the greatest part of them they have been successful.

Maurizio Fiorini trained many tattoo artist, including a Japanese one, Yuji Odachi aka Horitatsu and the renowned Sylvester Stallone favorite tattooer Marco Cerretelli. Maurizio wrote his first book of memories The sign of the courage, encouraged by his two daughters Manola and Ilaria. Unfortunately Maurizio died on may 31, 2017, but we can still read his stories on his website or on Facebook.