Saw tattoos to make you scream

After the unexpected success of ‘Jigsaw’ (the eighth film of the horror franchise) there is just a “conversation” in progress for a new scary chapter…

The question is almost mandatory but hard to answer at the same time: will the Saw movie franchise happen for an incredible ninth time? There is to be optimistic because one of the most successful horror series of the third millennium – exploded for the first time in 2004 with the first ‘Saw’ movie – it just seems that doesn’t want to die.

Jordan Croke, Second Skin Tattoo, Derby, UK
Jordan Croke, Second Skin Tattoo, Derby, UK

Lately some trusted websites have reported that a possible ‘Saw 9’ (or ‘Jigsaw II’…) may be nearing the development stage. There has been a real “conversation” at Twisted Pictures (the production company owner of the rights) in order to make this a reality.

In addition to that, it’s said that the ‘Jigsaw’ co-directors (The Spierig Brothers) are not going to be returning behind the camera, but Tobin Bell (the magnetic main character) will be involved at some point, having appeared in every ‘Saw’ film to date.

Carlos Fabra, Cosa Fina Tattoo, Polinya, Spain
Carlos Fabra, Cosa Fina Tattoo, Polinya, Spain

The reason for so much cinematic interest is easy to explain: money talks! All the chapters of ‘Saw’ have been made on a low budget in record time (‘Saw II’ was made in 2005 in just 25 days) and all have become blockbusters earning millions of dollars at the box office.

The reason for the low production costs is simple enough: ‘Saw’ makes do without A-list actors with their outrageous fees (Tobin Bell himself – born in 1942 – was a virtually unknown character actor before playing the role of Jigsaw, the sadistic main character in the story). Nor is there any need for exotic sets or media campaigns that end up costing more than the movie itself.

Fortunately ‘Saw’ needs none of these promotional tricks. Here we’re looking at a franchise that gets by on its own steam thanks to a brilliant 2004 debut which has continued to expand and become more complicated in terms of plot as well as being renowned for the abundance of increasingly sophisticated and apocalyptical traps.

Many argue that the so-called “torture porn” genre (a sort of voyeuristic horror movie without any kind of censorship) was born in coincidence with the first film in the series. Isn’t accurate. Torture porn was already doing the rounds at the time of the first ‘Saw’ (the dark remake of ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ directed by Marcus Nispel came out in autumn 2003) while its worldwide success was undoubtedly due to a fortunate coincidence.

An intensive advertising campaign did the rest and so, from ‘Saw IV’ in 2007, there was torture porn to be found just about everywhere, like the grunge aftermath of Nirvana. And eleven year later the story of this astonishing success (among tattoo subjects too) is not over yet.